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Working with Conflict


Move beyond “compromise” to true collaboration, where you see the fruits of conflict ... you can create a safe space for authentic expression, build understanding, and identify win/win strategies to resolve problems and improve relationships.  Working with us, individuals, couples and groups improve communication and conflict resolution skills, bringing ease and effectiveness to their personal and professional relationships.

Examples of our work:

  1. Mediation of consumer, housing, small claims and family-related conflicts (relationship, divorce, separation, children’s well-being)

  2. Conflict resolution circle facilitation for elderly and disabled in congregate housing units

  3. Facilitation of coalition and organization meetings, including contentious decision-making sessions

  4. Coaching and training in working with conflict for diverse groups

  5. Basic, intermediate and advance training for community mediators and U.S. and international graduate students

  6. Listening project and development of common agenda for new activist alliance

What others are saying ...

“[Debbie], your positive outlook and sincere dedication to the work of conflict resolution is truly inspiring - thank you for being a great supervisor and role model.”

School mediation program coordinator

“[We] couldn’t do the work we do without you [Court].  We appreciate your willingness and enthusiasm for going deep with people and your thought-provoking perspectives on challenging issues.”

Community mediation center

“Great course! Great teaching! ... [This] class met my expectations very well, ... I liked the assignments, they expanded my capacity; and the readings, role-playing sessions, exercises and lectures were full of information. ... Thanks a lot for sharing your incredible mediation skills with us.”

Graduate students, Introduction to Mediation course

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