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Creative writing, music, and theater are essential tools for bringing about change in ourselves, our communities and the larger world.  Lynangale Associates uses the arts to support self-expression, skills development, empowerment and healing.  With our collaborative writing, theater and music projects, we stimulate personal insight and inspire social action.  

Examples of our work:

  1. Collaborative, in-depth explorations of personal and social themes using creative writing, improvisation and theater, culminating in many successful performances in Western Massachusetts, Boston, New York and other U.S. cities, and in Europe

  2. Using theater improvisation and exercises to enhance conflict transformation in a variety of settings (schools, offices, community centers, housing projects, youth organizations, street youth projects, adult recovery centers, prisons, etc.)

  3. Singing and song-leading at community events, focusing on audience and community participation

  4. Theme-based keynote or event performances, incorporating poetry, stories, music and theater

What others are saying ...

”The program you initiated offered our participants a unique opportunity to create, express, share and enrich themselves, while the entire student/staff body were invited to witness this process and enrich and expand their own awareness.” 

Middle school principal

“Perhaps more important than the kudos offered [for] the students and their director is the strong impression that the tenor of the middle school has shifted since Court’s work.  When a student makes an insensitive remark or passes on a “rumor” or obviously excludes another student, kids respond.  [Court] helped make kids brave and articulate - is there anything more important?” 

Assistant Head of School, Wilbraham & Monson Academy

“[This play], directed by Court Dorsey, was one of the most brilliant experiences of theater I have ever witnessed - whether [Court] is acting or directing, his name is a promise of unforgettable theater.  He has worked [this play] through the magic of his genius into a seamless and breath-taking work of art.” 

Pat Schneider, Founder - Amherst Writers & Artists

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