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Make your meetings count with focused, results-oriented agenda setting, and a facilitation environment in which participants experience both support and challenge, creative discussion and concrete next steps.  Let us help you create the structure, communication habits and respectful meeting culture that will help your group become more effective, either by stepping in ourselves or working to train your group’s facilitators!

Examples of our work:

  1. Facilitator and manager for community-school partnership’s capacity building efforts

  2. Use of large group circle process for resolution of community issues and restorative justice

  3. Meeting facilitation, and workshops to develop internal facilitation capacity of local residents groups

  4. Facilitation of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) practice group

  5. Group process discussion and facilitation for local arts group

  6. Training for teachers in peer-to-peer student group facilitation

What others are saying ...

”[Debbie is] an excellent facilitator - all voices and opinions were welcomed and woven into the overall context of the topic - masterful!”

“I appreciate Court’s charisma and expressiveness - very clear and engaging.”

Participants in group discussion and workshop

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