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       Quick Consultations

Would you like to:

  1.     Move forward on an overwhelming project or task?

  2.     Develop a strategy for dealing with a difficult personality?

  3.     Organize all the pieces of a personal or work puzzle into a manageable whole?

  4.     Identify creative options or make decisions between farious different approaches?

  5.     Gain clarity about what’s really important, the underlying needs or factors in a situation?


Once in a while (or more frequently!) we get “stuck,” and sometimes all it takes is a single, short session to get over the hump.  You pick the time and place, give us a little information to get started, and we’ll help you develop a concrete, realistic plan for moving forward.

Quick Consultations are efficient, confidential, reasonably priced, and don’t require a long-term commitment.  We’ll be positive and supportive, but won’t hesitate to ask a hard question ... whatever it takes to make sure that you leave the session with a plan to reach your goals!

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