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How We Work (and Play!)


Free initial consultation

We believe that it’s important to establish good relationships and work together to identify how we can best support you. We offer a free initial consultation (20 minutes) - together, we’ll briefly explore your hopes for change, stakeholders and their needs, resources and challenges, and how we might best serve you.

Detailed outline of our work together

Assuming we’re all interested in moving forward with the collaboration, we’ll develop a more detailed proposal outlining the services to be provided, our fees and our mutual goals and expectations for the project.  We are committed to fair pricing for our services, and to the degree possible, will work with clients’ varied financial situations to develop a package that meets our mutual needs within available budgets. 

Communication, ongoing evaluation

Along the way, we encourage your questions, suggestions and input so that the package we create works for you.  And as we reach milestones with the project, we’ll check in with you to be sure our mutual goals are being met and you’re happy with how things are done.  We are committed to good communication and satisfied clients.


Change requires a commitment of time and energy, and the desire to create structures that support the new behaviors, patterns and ways of working and being together.  The more honesty and openness you bring to this process, the more we can help.  For our part, we’re committed to supporting you throughout the process with professionalism and integrity, clear information and communication, and follow-through.  We request your ongoing feedback throughout the project, and affirm our intention to support your process and goals to the best of our ability.

Questions?  Please contact us - we welcome the opportunity to talk further about how we work!

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