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Build strong teams, increase the effectiveness and capacity of your group to initiate and carry out projects, and ensure that your decision-making gets buy-in and results.  We can help you focus in on your goals, identify strengths and challenges, create concrete, realistic plans, and set up a process to make sure that your goals are achieved.  

Examples of our work:

  1. Support for community coalition developing a mission statement, decision-making protocol, “job” descriptions and plan of action

  2. Identifying structural supports for more effective performance of routine activities (checklists, training materials, best practices)

  3. Restructuring a government office to improve services offered, the work environment and stakeholder relationships

  4. Mentoring, coaching and visioning with individuals taking on key roles within a group

  5. Project management across a breadth of fields (mediation programs, large events, organizational capacity building, development of training materials, and more)

What others are saying ...

”Debbie, we can’t thank you enough for your amazing dedication.  Your facilitation has been super-heroic - you managed to accomplish an amazing amount of work, handle several difficult situations and keep the folks interested and involved.  Bravo!”

Coalitions members

“Debbie has been central to the effort to develop a U.S. Government position ... getting to a “yes” vote was an arduous and controversial course, fraught with disagreement among the whole range inter-agency players.  Her well-justified proposals were immediately endorsed as the right way to proceed; Debbie’s input resulted in the development of better capacity building, revenue management and environmental plans.”

Superior Honor Award nomination, Department of State

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