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Build your group’s capacity for collaborative learning, managing (and taking advantage of) conflict, communicating, providing training for others, and working towards social justice and intercultural competence.  We design and provide workshops and ongoing training in a variety of subjects, custom-designed to meet your training goals, and to meet participants where they are at. 

Examples of our work:

  1. Basic and advanced training for mediators (adult and youth) and facilitators

  2. Workshop series on group decision-making and teamwork

  3. Graduate-level courses in Training Design and Experiential Learning, Training Ethics and Class, Group Identities

  4. Communication and conflict resolution trainings for non-profit organizations and businesses

  5. Trainer Awareness & Learning Styles workshop for national association

  6. Training for trainer materials and documentation for social justice organization

  7. Training for several hundred Foreign Service Officers going overseas, and technical training for non-U.S. employees

  8. Communications coaching for individuals, couples and groups

What others are saying ...

”The trainings we did with Court and Debbie all greatly aided us in clarifying our meeting and governance structures.  We saw immediate improvements after implementing hints and tips from the trainings and also developed a long-term vision of how to further develop our governance structure.”

(Participant in group decision-making workshop series)

“[The workshop] awakened my awareness and curiosity ... featured great organization and both concrete information and open-ended exploration .. developing collaborative knowledge within our small groups.”

(Participants in culture and mediation workshop)

“Debbie is the perfect instructor ... considerate, empathetic, firm and knowledgable; she really knows the subject and presents it very well.”

(Participants in consular services training)

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